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CONTEST: Brooke Fraser @ The Opera House, Toronto (Nov. 23, 2010) [CLOSED]

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[LISTEN]: Brooke Fraser – “Ice on Her Lashes

You lucky Torontonians are in for a treat! Kiwi songstress Brooke Fraser will be making a pit stop at Toronto‘s Opera House on November 23, 2010 for her North American tour in support of her new album, Flags. I previously wrote about Brooke’s new writing approach and reviewed the record, saying that it had a little bit of everything for everyone–pop, folk, a new narration–and showcased Fraser’s growth as an artist. Who wouldn’t want to see this singer-songwriter translate her new (and old) tracks in an intimate live performance?

Now thanks to Sideways-Media you can experience just that (for FREE!) as we have a pair of tickets to give away PLUS a signed copy of of Flags!

Follow any of the steps below for chance to win this awesome prize pack (the more steps you follow the more times you enter!):

  1. Follow us on Twitter and then retweet the following: “WIN TICKETS (& MORE) to see Brooke Fraser (@BrookeFraser) in #Toronto on Nov.23. Follow @MindfulEarful and retweet!
  2. Email mindfulearful (at) gmail (dot) com and include: “I Want to See Brooke Fraser” in the subject line and your full name in the body.

CONTEST CLOSES NOV. 19th at 2 PM EST. Winner will be announced later that day.

EDIT: A big thank you to Sideways-Media and everyone who entered the contest. Congratulations to the winner!

Check out the rest of Brooke’s North American tour dates (including Vancouver) after the jump!

ALBUM REVIEW: Brooke Fraser – ‘Flags’

Brooke Fraser



Release Date: Oct. 12, 2010

A marked departure from her usual collection of reflective, intro-centric tunes, singer-songwriter Brooke Fraser draws inspiration from characters other than herself and opts for colorful storytelling this time around on third solo album, Flags.

Despite a change in songwriting methods and a more upbeat tone in comparison to previous efforts, fans will be glad to know that Fraser’s soft, lilting melodies remain intact. In fact, with a new voice, Flags comes armed with a renewed spirit and diverse catalogue of charming tunes.

The New Zealand songstress has come into her own with her latest self-produced record with a confidence that is apparent in her exploration of different instruments and soundscapes. Standout tracks include the piano-backed Aqualung duet, “Who Are We Fooling,” the ‘every girl’ track and Canadian shout-out, “Betty” (which could have been easily renamed to reflect any girl), and beautifully sparse “Sailboats.”

With Fraser’s drive to write music reawakened one night at California music festival, Coachella, it’s only fitting that there be a song in its honor and recognition. However, the gravity of the track may be lost on listeners who aren’t aware of the back-story. Kick-started by the Indio desert music festival and recorded and produced in the City of Angels, you could call this a real California album.  (Wood & Bone)

[MP3]: Brooke Fraser – Something In the Water (right-click, save as)

Twitter: @brookefraser

Read more on Brooke’s approach to ‘Flags’ HERE.


LISTEN UP! Brooke Fraser

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Wood & Bone Records

With two solo albums–2003’s What To Do With Daylight and 2006’s Albertine–already under her belt and releases/tours with Hillsong United, Brooke Fraser is already a veteran in the music scene. And four years after her last solo record, she’s back and ready to make waves with Flags, which will be released October 12 via Wood & Bone Records. Plus Canadian/U.S. tour dates have also been announced!

Whenever friends ask me about music I listen to, they tend to ask if the artist is “famous,” and I always answer with: “Well, they’re famous to me.” Because regardless of whether a musician has had national/international success, sold a million records, or are on the charts, as long as I listen to them, I consider them “famous” in my mind and make the assumption that everyone has heard about them. (It’s absurd, I know.) Brooke Fraser is one of those artists.

Though she may not be a household name in North America yet, she has a huge following in her native New Zealand and Australia, where her albums have gone Platinum and Gold, respectively. Albertine was Fraser’s U.S. debut and was released in 2008 (two years after it was originally released in NZ, AUS), so I guess you could say she is still relatively new to the North American scene/circuit.

However, being on the road for three years in support of Albertine (beginning in 2006) really took its toll on Fraser; by 2009, she was burnt out and spent. It took a beautiful evening at Coachella and a performance by Fleet Foxes to re-awaken something in the Kiwi singer-songwriter. (Thank you, Fleet Foxes).

“Robin Pecknold began to sing and the purity of his voice seemed to melt away every memory of trauma and disillusionment […] Then the other voices joined his and it all felt so human and honest […] It was a moment where I remembered the power of music as a language, a connector. I remembered that I’ve been given the gift of speaking a particular dialect of this language and realised I didn’t have the option of being resigned to silence and I didn’t want it.”

In a press release, Fraser speaks about the direction of Flags and why it’s “more survivable” than previous records :

“I’ve never used as many characters or as much narrative in my songwriting as I have on this record. On my previous albums I was singing completely as myself, which is why I think I got so burnt out from touring. Albertine was inspired by incredibly significant events and people and every time I’d sing I’d go back to that moment where my heart was ripped open. So singing such heavy songs nearly every night for three years took a toll. On Flags, it’s still me speaking, but it’s me speaking through the voices of different characters and their stories. It’s more survivable.”

What can we expect to hear on the new album? Wood & Bones calls the new record “a dreamy, alternative-pop collection that showcases [Fraser’s] agile soprano, lilting melodies, and knack for telling her stories through the lives of vibrant characters.”

FUN FACT: The new album features a co-written duet with Aqualung’s Matt Hales entitled, “Who Are We Fooling?”. Switchfoot’s Jon Foreman also co-wrote a track.

Here’s a little taste of the record and the first single off Flags. Listen, simmer, and enjoy!

[Download]: Brooke Fraser – “Something in the Water” (right-click, save as)

Album review over HERE!