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Favourites of 2010 | Albums

Looking at some “best of” lists this year, it seems as though some feel that 2010 hasn’t been spectacular for music. Personally, I feel that it has been a really strong year that yielded some albums that will be in my “favourites” section for years to come. I had a tough time, but here are my favourite 15 albums of 2010. I’m still a little iffy on the ordering, save for #1-3, and had difficulty narrowing it down to my top 15, so I’ve included honourable mentions at the bottom!



I Just Can’t Get You Out Of My Head…

Yes, that is a Kylie [Minogue] reference. Sue me.

It’s in reference to a new section I was just adding, so I thought I’d give you guys a little rundown of all the sections/categories on my little blog, since my titles might be a tad confusing.

EAR CANDY: New tracks from artists
Nice title, huh? This sections features new tracks! Just like a eye candy, EAR CANDY (see what I did there?) will add a little sweetness to your life (and your ears).

EYE CANDY: New videos from artists
Musical pleasure for your eyeballs. Features new videos (music, live performances) from artists.

LISTEN UP! Musicians You Should Know
This is where I’ll be posting about already-established artists/bands I think you should know.

ON THE VERGE: Hot, Up-and-Coming Acts
I love scouring the internet/blogs/myspace for new music–probably a little too much. The artists over here, are in my opinion, about to “make it big” or will become more well-known sometime soon. I’ll share my yummy finds with you over here, because sharing is caring, right. Am I right?

I’M OBSESSED: I Just Can’t This Out Of My Head
This is a new section where I will post (whenever I feel like) a track/video/artist I’m loving at the moment [read: song is on constant repeat]. I always seem to have new obsessions, so I feel like this may be updated quite a lot. These may or may not be new tracks, though, because I do love revisiting some older songs in my collection!

WHAT’S HOT: Music Trends
Popular trends in music at the moment and songs that go along with it. For example, my post on lo-fi music.

I would like to think this is self-explanatory. I review concerts I’ve attended and (relatively) new albums I’ve listened to.

MP3s: Free Downloads!
This section will have all the posts where I have offered a free mp3 download.

*I may add/modify these sections at times (because I’m fickle like that), so be on the lookout!