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EAR CANDY | [MP3] Priscilla Ahn – “When You Grow Up”

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L.A.-based Priscilla Ahn is gearing up for the release of her sophomore album and follow-up to 2008’s A Good Day with a free download of the lead single off When You Grow Up (out May 3 via Blue Note Records).


Back in high school, I had a serious Hotel Cafe phase. It’s a small venue in Los Angeles that has been home to many of my favourite singer-songwriters, like Joshua Radin, Meiko, Rachel Yamagata, Sara Bareilles, and the list goes on. It’s always fascinated me how each city has their own little music scene, much like Nashville’s Ten out of Tenn–a collective with a rotating roster of amazing and like-minded musicians and friends. (Fun fact: The Civil War’s Joy Williams, Madi Diaz, Katie Herzig, and Erin McCarley were all part of Ten out of Tenn once upon a time.)

Anyway, the Hotel Cafe used to put on a tour of current and past resident musicians, aptly entitled the Hotel Cafe Tour, and the line-up was always to die for. I vowed that one day, I would go to L.A. and check out this iconic venue.

Priscilla Ahn was one of the musicians that really caught my attention. The simplicity of her music, the looped vocals/harmonies, the pureness of her voice, and the nostalgic songs created the perfect company on nights when it was hard to fall asleep. Her music has the ability to lull you to sleep, not out of boredom, but out of sheer warmness, much like how it felt to fall asleep on the car ride home and be carried into your bedroom and tucked into bed by your parents when you were a child. It’s a sort of reminiscing serum that calls back to childhood, and isn’t that something we could all use from time to time?

I was lucky enough to catch her show at the Drake two years ago, and she had completely enraptured the audience. I’m really excited for When You Grow Up, because it seems as if Ahn is moving away from the childhood aspects and more into the experiences that overtake us in adulthood. And now that I’m 21, I’m ready for the ride.