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[MP3] EAR CANDY | Heidi Spencer & The Rare Birds – “Alibi”

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[MP3]: Heidi Spencer & The Rare Birds – “Alibi” (right-click, save as)

“No one needs to know we laid around all day.”

All day, every day, that’s pretty much my theory. And if your first thought when seeing her name was Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt (from The Hills), you weren’t alone. If not, I should cut back on my celebrity gossip. MTV is terrible.

“Alibi” is a nice, simple, mellow song I came across and thought I’d share. Sometimes it’s nice when things aren’t too complicated; sometimes you need that. (Also, I like how you can hear a single finger-snap on some beats.) It’s the first single off Milwaukee’s Heidi Spencer & the Rare Birds‘ album, Under Streetlight Glow (due out March 27 via Bella Union). Hope you enjoy!

EAR CANDY | [MP3] Fleet Foxes – “Helplessness Blues”

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“I was raised up believing I was some how unique. Like a snowflake, distinct among snowflakes, unique in each way you could see. And now after some thinking, I’d say I’d rather be a functioning cog in some great machinery, serving something beyond but me.”

Looks like a 3-year hiatus is common for bands (but just 3 years–no longer, no shorter), because like the Kills, Fleet Foxes are now back out of the woodwork with a new track. “Helplessness Blues,” the first single off their sophomore LP of the same name (due out May 3 via Sub Pop/Bella Union), is up for free download, and you will not be disappointed.

On their latest track, Robin Pecknold and his beard-loving Seattle folk-rock band are back to making the tight, sweet-sounding harmonies they’ve come to be known for, which makes it even harder to accept the fact that we’ve all been missing out on their beautiful music for 3 years. Cascading with harmonies crafted to be sung on some mountain in the wilderness, it sounds as though production is little sharper and clearer than on their critically-lauded self-titled debut, and I’m gladly taking it all in.

Really, this couldn’t get any more perfect unless they sang this high atop some mountain so their voices echoed while I closed my eyes and spun around a la Julie Andrews in The Sound of Music. Yup. Sophomore slump? What sophomore slump? Enjoy! (And I’m sure you will.)

[MP3]: Fleet Foxes – “Helplessness Blues”

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