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Favourites of 2010 | Albums

Looking at some “best of” lists this year, it seems as though some feel that 2010 hasn’t been spectacular for music. Personally, I feel that it has been a really strong year that yielded some albums that will be in my “favourites” section for years to come. I had a tough time, but here are my favourite 15 albums of 2010. I’m still a little iffy on the ordering, save for #1-3, and had difficulty narrowing it down to my top 15, so I’ve included honourable mentions at the bottom!



[MP3] EAR CANDY | Beach House – “I Do Not Care for the Winter Sun”

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Beach House doesn’t care for the Winter sun, they really don’t.

The Baltimore duo, who released what is easily my favourite album of the year, took to their twitter about an hour ago to release a free holiday song for fans!

Beach House – “I Do Not Care for the Winter Sun” (right-click, save as)

Sure, “I Do Not Care for the Winter Sun” isn’t exactly your typical holiday song. It isn’t all cheery and jolly (though there is a trace of bells in the foreground), nor does it evoke feelings of playing in the snow, but it is quite fitting of sitting in the dark beside the fireplace near loved ones.

So roast some marshmallows, make yourself a hot cup of hot chocolate (or eggnog…), and enjoy this take on a holiday song, courtesy of Beach House!

EAR CANDY: Beach House – “White Moon”

Baltimore dream-pop duo Beach House (Victoria Legrand + Alex Scally) have just released 5-song iTunes Sessions EP, which includes hits off their third full-length Teen Dream (that’s right–Katy Perry copied them) released early this year and 2008’s Devotion. Re-imagined on the EP are “Walk in the Park,” “Norway,” “Silver Soul,” “Gila” and “Real Love,”as well as one completely new track, called “White Moon.”

In true Beach House fashion, “White Moon” is a laid-back and mellow affair carried by Legrand’s signature smoky vocals. Take a listen below!

Beach House – “White Moon”