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I raved about her in part 3 of my 3-part series of LISTEN UP! Australia, and now the Aussie blues siren Abbe May answers some of A Mindful Earful’s questions about listening to music growing up, her sound, and some of her favourite albums of the year. (Plus, she has some harsh opinions on manufactured music by Katy Perry and Taylor Swift.)

So, get ready for some lengthy, intelligent answers with ellipses galore, and read on! (more…)

LISTEN UP! Australia (Pt. 3) | Tame Impala + Abbe May

Here it is: part 3 of my series on Australian music, just as I promised (albeit a little–okay, very–late). The great “Down Under” has produced many quality folk-pop singer-songwriters, but with these two bands/musicians, Australia proves that it can churn out more than just sentimental and glitter-infused tracks. (Don’t get me wrong, I’m still a sucker for that kind of music; it’s just good to know there’s diversity.)

Australia is also home to quality psych-rock bands like Tame Impala and bluesy sirens a la Abbe May.